Parks and Recreation

Will Rogers State Park

The Client

The California Department of Parks and Recreation visualized the restoration of the Will Rogers State Park to its original condition to memorialize the late Will Rogers. It was 1928 when the Rogers family resided on the grounds and about as long since the landscape was maintained. The park required a major upheaval while simultaneously preserving its historic character.   

The Project

Of the 186-acre ranch, the terrain surrounding the Main House, Guest House, Stable, and Garage was refurbished to Will Rogers' original design. Planters were restored beside the two living quarters, while ivy was revived along the stable walls. The picket fencing throughout the grounds required reconstruction. Care was taken to place each cobblestone with the intent to control erosion along the park’s slope while maintaining character. Original tree, shrub, and ornamental plant species were installed to perpetuate Will Rogers' “sense of place.” In order to preserve the memorial’s integrity, state-of-the-art drainage and irrigation systems were installed.

The Result

The Will Rogers State Park landscape was restored to the condition as it existed during its historical period. A picture taken today looks no different from one taken back in 1928. An updated irrigation system and detailed ornamental work provides the California Department of Parks and Recreation the opportunity to proudly display a memorial fit for Will Rogers.


Customer: Will Rogers State Park             
Location: Pacific Palisades, California
Project: Historic Landscape Restoration
Scope: Drainage, irrigation, boulder and cobblestone installation, tree and ornamental plant installation, erosion control, and fence installation
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