Parks and Recreation

San Fernando Regional Pool

The Client

The San Fernando Regional Pool Facility was commissioned by the City of San Fernando as an addendum to the adjacent community park. Working with Novus Construction, Pierre Landscape came in while the pool and building were still undergoing construction. Pierre had to meticulously coordinate installation with the other trades while also wrestling with the hard rock terrain in order to meet the project timeline.

The Project

The recreational facility spans 2.5 acres along Park Avenue in San Fernando, California. With such a large area, there is no wonder that the property required two 24-station irrigation controllers, 530 sprinkler heads, five miles of wire, over 2,000 feet of mainline, and 6,000 feet of lateral line. For the landscaping, Pierre crews installed 27 medium to small trees, 60 five gallon and 470 one gallon shrubs. A crane was brought in to carefully install the five large palms while the other construction was going on simultaneously.

The Result

The project was turned over on time despite the obstacles Pierre’s crews faced. The City of San Fernando was extremely pleased with the flawless execution and even more impressed with the positive feedback they received from local patrons. The San Fernando community has enthusiastically welcomed the pool facility into their recreational activities.


Customer: San Fernando Regional Pool
Description: Recreation
Location: San Fernando, California
Project: Recreational Pool Facility
Scope: Irrigation and landscape
Pierre Client Since: March 2007

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