Parks and Recreation

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

The Client

After receiving a generous donation from B. Gerald Cantor, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) commissioned Stenfors Associates to draw up a garden that would showcase the museum’s prized sculptures. The result was an equally sculptured garden crafted by three dozen palm trees tightly planted next to each other. With such an intricate layout, the job called for a contractor with experience in large scale installations. LACMA realized that they couldn’t hire just any contractor with such experience, but one with a keen eye for detail.

The Project

With thirty-six large palm trees to install, Pierre Landscape strategically planned out installation timing to maximize use of the small area. One by one, the palms were carefully manuvered from the truck to the construction site. Upon placement, each tree was measured by hand to ensure accurate lining. This method was continued down to the last palm. To highlight the trees and sculptures, accent lighting was installed throughout.

The Result

After dozens of hours transporting, measuring, and installing all six rows of palms, each tree proved to be in line with the next, creating the dramatic effect envisioned by the architect. The overall result suited the sculptures' theatrical poses as well as the client’s needs.


Customer: Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Description: Museum
Location: Los Angeles, California
Project: B. Gerald Cantor Sculpture Garden
Scope: Irrigation installation, large tree installation, and landscape
Pierre Client Since: April 2009

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