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South Region High School #15

The Client

Pinner Construction has been in business since 1919 and specializes in large and complex public projects. The family-owned and operated business originally started off on smaller-scale projects and through the years has grown capabilities to take on residential and commercial construction projects of all sizes.

The Project

Pierre was brought on to the job site to install the landscape and irrigation. The fields for the school were successfully installed, and the finished project looks spectacular. Pierre is excited to watch this project grow. The project consisted of a complete irrigation system, trees, shrubs and sod installations, and the field completion.

This installation is special because more than a third of the project cost was from the irrigation system alone. For such a large-scale project, it is mandatory that the highest quality and most up-to-date technology in irrigation be installed on the premises. With this in mind, a booster pump was installed to increase pressure of the irrigation system so that it will be able to run a higher number of sprinkler heads. Another specialty for the irrigation portion of this project is the size of the mainline, which is 6 inches.

The landscaping portion of this project is remarkably impressive. Over 12,480 square feet of elite fescue sod and 137,530 square feet of coastal sage scrub hydroseed mix were installed. Over 11,550 square feet of 4 inch deep infield mix was also included in the project. The placement of over 28,000 shrubs and vines varying in size was a great addition to the project and decorated the high school with their scent and color. Thanks to the installation of over 250 box trees, students are able to enjoy studying under the shade.


Customer: Pinner Construction
Description: Education
Location: San Pedro, California
Project: South Region High School #15
Scope: Landscape and irrigation, including slope work

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