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Long Beach City College

The Client

Pierre Landscape worked in collaboration with McCarthy Building Companies to use the latest “green” technology in construction to transform the black asphalt and narrow strip of grass located in the Liberal Arts Campus of Long Beach City College. McCarthy Building Companies is the tenth largest domestic general contractor according to Engineering News-Record, May 2010, and was the general contractor on this project.

The Project

Pierre Landscape partnered with McCarthy Building Companies as the irrigation and landscape contractor on the project. With unparalleled knowledge and experience in the field, Pierre jumped right in and successfully completed this “green” landscape and irrigation project.

The project first began with the irrigation work and landscape planting in late 2010 and was completed in early 2011. The Pierre team hydro-seeded more than 25,000 square feet of lawn and constructed bioswales and shrub areas. Bioswales, which are low areas designed to trap silt and pollutants from the surface runoff water, were created by digging trenches up to 3.5 feet deep varying in widths and lengths then filling them with layers of pea gravel and sand. A raised planter was also created as a biofilter to recycle all of the parking garage rooftop rainwater.

Pierre encountered a huge obstacle when a series of continuous storms struck just as the grass seeding was starting to sprout. However, the bioswales proved to be a huge success, as no erosion damage was present after the storms.

The Pierre team completed the project by installing 100 trees, over 300 Iceberg roses, more than 1,000 theme-oriented plants, 8,000 ornamental grasses, and over 7,000 ground cover plants. The landscape provided by Pierre included complex brick patterns, decomposed granite, olive groves, stone pines, rose gardens, and hedges.

The Result

The Long Beach City College now includes a 100% solar powered parking structure and a “campus green mall.”

With changes made, the once asphalt parking lot that added 40 degrees of heat to the landscape is now expected to reduce temperatures by more than 30 degrees. The new turf and landscape provided by Pierre will cool the environment, filter the air and water pollutants, and remove carbon dioxide while releasing oxygen for the campus community.


Customer: McCarthy Building Companies
Description: Education
Location: Long Beach, California
Project: Long Beach City College
Scope: Tree installations, shrub placement, and bioswales

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