About Us

Harold Young

Chief Executive Officer

Harold was born and raised in southern Michigan, where he was introduced to the irrigation industry by Mark Pierre. When Mark moved his business to California in 1988, he asked Harold to join him, and they later became business partners. By 1990, Harold had taken over the company, and within a few years, the company started expanding beyond sprinkler systems to full landscape installations. Nearly three decades later, Harold continues his passion for the business and working with people in a way that utilizes his entrepreneurial and analytical skills. He’s inspired by creating an organization with an excellent reputation for quality and service. For Harold, it is equally important to provide a structure for staff to be inspired, creative, and successful while continuing to grow throughout their careers. An avid reader of business literature and a frequent attendee of management, leadership, and business-related functions, Harold welcomes opportunities to continue his education and build Pierre with his executive team.

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